Galimatias – Ocean Floor Kisses

Galimatias - Ocean Floor Kisses

Galimatias, a fairly new up-and-coming electronic music composer, has just released a lovely track through his Soundcloud titled Ocean Floor Kisses. The name of the new tune is actually quite fitting; the Denmark producer fills the song with chords and textures that transports listeners sonically to an electric beach. “Ocean Floor Kisses” begins as if the listener is deep within the ocean, with these subdued piano keys that are floating and played sporadically throughout the track, as synths build and swell around. A drum pattern appears and gently takes the listener into a slight groove that is sure to get people vibing. The track also features some great vocal work near the backend of the track, all chopped up by Alina Baraz, a close collaborator of Galimatias. All in all, “Ocean Floor Kisses” gently caresses the listener and takes them on a mellow journey.