Enzo Bennet – The Colours EP

The Colours

Enzo Bennet – The Colours EP
Label: mau5trap | Release Date: August 5th

Mau5trap is known for bringing together an eclectic array of artists, with the intent of showcasing a wide variety of artists bound by genre. The focus isn’t to provide people with a particular sound, but simply high quality productions with character and originality.

The label has been expertly showcasing their artists through their ‘We Are Friends’ compilations, but there’s a new one who you may not have heard of and really need to. His name is Enzo Bennet, a French born London based producer with schooling from Paris’ S.A.E Institute and Point Blank Music School; this studious musician has put his knowledge to work and his debut EP, ‘The Colours‘, is ready for release.

The EP’s two tracks, ‘Colours’ and ‘Zen’, are striking surreal productions with hints of influence from Moguai and the label-head himself, Deadmau5. Listening to ‘Colours’ is like traveling through the mysterious ocean depths, as it has this eerie sense about it, with drawn out guitar notes, a spacey synth melody and a dynamic progression that leaves the listener begging to be taken on a deeper journey; ‘Zen’ strikes a loftier note, with a light hearted melody supported by an upbeat percussion track and a funky as hell breakdown, which makes this tune a bit of a trance-house hybrid.

‘The Colours’ will be out on August 5th, but we highly recommend giving these two tracks a listen now. Stream them below and let us know what you think; we’re looking forward to what Enzo has in store for the future.