Dillon Francis Nailed by RC Cola Can, Rushed to Emergency Room

Dillon Francis Sent to Tulane Emergency Room

Mad Decent Block Party made a stop in New Orleans at Mardi Gras World last night for what was bound to be a wild night conducted by several talented acts including Flosstradamus, A$AP Ferg, RL Grime and Dillon Francis. However, it seems as though the crowd got a bit too rowdy when a fan in the crowd chucked an RC Cola can straight at Dillon’s face. The impact of the thrown can caused an abrasion on his forehead, which led to him being rushed to the hospital where he had to receive four stitches. Mr. Francis even recorded a snippet of the brief operation and uploaded the video to his Instagram account. Although he is upset by the fact that a fan, who wanted to attend the show, would perform such an action, he has decided to laugh it off in good ole’ Dillon Francis fashion. You check below for his tweets and Instagram video.