Deadmau5 Unleashed Techno-Packed Set In Ibiza; Assures A Release Soon
Just a few months removed from a his notorious Ultra 2014 set that featured an inordinate number of techno tracks, and his 2-hour unsullied techno set via stream, Deadmau5 unleashed a raw techno experience to unsuspecting fans in Ibiza. This was no pedestrian show however, as Joel was in attendance to perform for Cream Ibiza’s 20th anniversary festivities, that featured a star-studded lineup that included: Paul Van Dyk, Eddie Halliwell, Jordan Suckeley, Tom Starr, James Dutton, and of course Deadmau5. Joel took to Twitter to open up about his surprising performance saying ‘I personally feel like I gave a piece of me to Amnesia tonight, regardless of what big room tunes I didn’t play.’ He also made a sly comment about ‘cleaning up the foam’, a reference to Paris Hilton’s ‘Foam & Diamonds’ residency at Ibiza.

He also assured fans that he’ll be ‘getting it in [our] hot little hands soon.’

Recently, we’ve been seeing more of the techno side of Joel, especially after he released a techno tune under his alternate moniker, testpilot. As Joel continues to tour Europe and the UK, techno-heads can only hope that his current mood sustains, and he continues to flex his techno muscles.