The Chainsmokers Set Record Straight on Trending Adventure Club Troll Comments

The Chainsmokers Set Record Straight on Trending Adventure Club Troll Comments

A few short days ago, an article  surfaced of a recent interview done with none other than Canadian duo, Adventure Club. Known for giving the most hilarious answers and often times discussing the most random things, both Leighton and Christian have a carefree attitude unlike any other DJ duo in the EDM industry. But with such a relaxed mentality their interviews can sometimes contain what is most obviously “troll” material, as was the case with this “off the record” interview.

When asked about The Chainsmokers and their relationship with the NYC based duo, it was the apparent “off the record” statement that has drawn a whole lot of controversy.  When discussing the topic of #Selfie and The Chainsmokers recent success, Leighton was quoted saying…”

Yeah, he’s saying kinda what happened, but the reverse situation of it, ’cause what happened was we wrote “#SELFIE,” and we thought it was, like, too cheesy to release as Adventure Club, so we gave it to them. And then all of the sales and all of that actually comes into our pockets, so we’ve been making a lot of money off of them and there’s a little bit of resentment there.

Unfortunately this statement was taken completely out of context, as the statement above doesn’t even hold a little bit of truth. A simple bit of sarcasm mixed with a whole lot of joking around blew this entire quote and interview out of proportion. Lucky enough for us we spoke directly with The Chainsmokers and when asked about the situation and the ridiculous nature of what is occurring Drew and Alex had this to say:

Adventure club and us have a very good relationship and we are often taking the piss of one another as is the case here. We had a good laugh about this until other sites and ppl didn’t realize it was a joke. We take our creative integrity very very seriously. Everything we release is 100% created by us, The Chainsmokers and this includes #Selfie. We take such accusations very seriously as we work extremely hard on our music.

So with everything cleared up and rectified, it’s important to realize not to always take things so seriously! And oh yeah, Adventure Club and The Chainsmokers have one funny relationship. Long story short, this is a prime case of blogs jumping on news that is clearly a joke and propagating it through the community.