Above & Beyond Feat. Alex Vargas – Blue Sky Action (Official Music Video)

Above & Beyond Feat. Alex Vargas - Blue Sky Action
Above & Beyond’s latest single Blue Sky Action featuring the vocals of Alex Vargas is yet another instant classic from dance music’s favorite trance trio and has been garnering immense support for its bright and uplifting sound. The music video for this epic single is an entertaining tribute to Pixar’s massively animated movie “WALL-E”. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where it seems life has ceased to thrive and the only thing left is trash and a curious human adventurer with a love for peculiar items. And of course, an Above & Beyond performances in hologram form. His typical day- to-day is changed when a beautiful super explorer woman from space comes to scan the desolate Earth for any signs of life. Definitely an refreshing revamp of a cute mini-story that accompanies such a well made track! View the video for “Blue Sky Action” below and make sure to purchase the brand new single on Beatport or Soundcloud!