Krewella Releases KREWLIFE Episode 8: EDC Las Vegas

It’s been nearly eight months since a KREWLIFE episode has been released, but Krew fans can now get their fill with KREWLIFE Episode 8: EDC Las Vegas. Filmed and edited by the KREWLIFE expert Miles Evert, Episode 8 gives fans an in depth peek at Krewella’s EDC Vegas experience. The episode includes footage of Yasmine and Jahan preparing to go on stage in front of thousands of people in Vegas, and commentary from both girls about how they feel before they take the stage. Along with astonishing views of the main stage, KREWLIFE 8 captures the girls as they dress incognito for their secret 3AM drum and bass set at the Bass Pod stage. The action packed episode ends with a teaser of a new track from Krewella’s studio session the day after their EDC Vegas weekend finished. KREWLIFE EDC Las Vegas is a must watch for any fan who missed out on EDC Vegas, or fans who attended and want to relive their own experience. Check out KREWLIFE Episode 8 below!