Chris Lake Rants About Fan’s Negative Reactions To His Production’s Evolution

Following his latest release, “Squeak”, Chris Lake took to Facebook to address the negative reactions he’s been receiving for constantly switching between genre styles throughout the course of his career. He mentioned in his post that he realizes that “people are used to getting similar sounding records from an artist all the time, and that doesn’t happen all the time with me, but I like making all sorts. The next records I plan to release are different from what I’ve released for a while now.” It seems evident through Lake’s post that he’s not interested in musical trends or sticking to one consistent and familiar sound. He is more open to visiting other genres and hopping around various styles than some other producers. Lake further defended his open-minded producing style by saying, “I just love writing music. What comes out, comes out. If you like it, great, if not, no problem. I don’t care about the current fashion either, or what people expect. That’s other peoples fault for putting people into boxes.” Although sticking to one familiar sound or style doesn’t necessarily mean that an artist is confined when writing music, Lake’s producing style is commendable in that he is not only open to, but would prefer to reinvent himself and his style consistently.

An official press release for Chris Lake’s track, “Squeak”, was issued further addressing and defending his choices to experiment musically. The release states that “‘Squeak’ showcases his diversity as a producer, reminding us of the impact he’s made within several different genres.” Between Chris Lake’s Facebook disclaimer and the official press release, it is more than evident that Lake is not interested in being in the confines of a single genre. Not only is he not interested, but he is proud of his ability to genre hop when producing tracks. There is no rule against experimenting with different genres as a producer or artist, and as long as Lake is able to consistently produce quality tracks within each genre that he visits, there should be no complaints. Good music is good music and it is more than impressive that an artist is excited to explore various genres.

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