Disclosure To Hit the Studio For Second Album This September

With the release of their debut studio album Settle in 2013, Disclosure set a pretty high bar for themselves. We’re talking about a chart-topping, Grammy-nominated, certified Gold bar. That leaves some pretty lofty expectations for a sophomore effort. Luckily for us, brothers Guy & Howard seem up to the task, which they discussed in greater detail last night on an episode of Annie Mac’s Superstar DJs. The series is not available in the US, but according to Mixmag, the guys stated that they are planning to set up a London studio this September to get to work on their next album; as to what fans can expect, they said that they want to differentiate from their first album, but don’t plan on straying too far away from what makes them who they are. With that said, they are excited about the “change of scene” from the suburban studio where Settle was born. That’s certainly exciting news for us all, as we wait to hear more about what’s next from the Lawrence brothers. You can see the teaser for Disclosure’s episode of Superstar DJs on YouTube here.