Au5 – Follow You ft. Danyka Nadeau (Virtual Riot Remix)

Au5’s last electronic release was too good to leave alone. ‘Follow You’, while not what most expected from the young Austin Collins, is a beautiful progressive piece whose lyrics alone could bring one to tears. Well as most dubstep fans know by now, beauty and intensity can go hand in hand, and Virtual Riot has joined the two flawlessly. This ever changing remix is a bass head’s dream. With a simple change in chords, Danyka Nadeau’s vocals are as mesmerizing as ever, providing a gorgeous intro to the impending madness. Every segment of this exciting song is a surprise, as it changes from one rage inducing rhythm to another. The combination of percussive bass synths and Riot’s multitude of fun sounds will leave the listener stunned, yet unable to stand still. This, along with several other great mixes of Au5’s original are available today.