EDC Had a Whopping $322 Million Economic Impact on Las Vegas

This was the fourth year that EDC has been held in Las Vegas, each of those years bigger and badder than the one before it. This most recent gathering beneath the electric sky shattered the 2013 benchmark by bringing in 200 artists, 10 stages, and over hosted 400,000 attendees over the course of three nights. Vegas has been a growing destination for touring artists and the scene is generating a lot of revenue, so you can imagine an event of this magnitude would give quite a boost to the already bustling economy. To put things into perspective, the folks at billboardbiz have ran the numbers and put everything together in one simple infographic (and who doesn’t like infographics).

This year’s festival brought in an estimated $158 million in attendee spending, over $20 million more than last year’s EDC. The bulk of that spending, of course, is in the necessities: food, drinks, and housing. Las Vegas pulled $20 million in tax revenue and boosted income revenue to over $130 million and a total economic impact of $322.2 million. Below is the full breakdown.