3LAU f. Bright Lights – How You Love Me (Music Video + Acoustic Track)

3lau - how you love me

The hype machine continues to roll onwards for a one Justin Blau, who is quickly entering the back half of the year every producer dreams of.  He rose through the ranks as a talented mash-up producer, moved on to remixes, and then onward to what appeared to be an unreleased progressive powerhouse in his ID vs Lights track.  Little did we know that the track was an experimental mix of his to be named How You Love Me.  From the time it exploded onto the radio, the soundcloud plays skyrocketed as the 23 year old saw 1 million, 2, and then 3 million.  Festival season comes around, and look who ends up on two massive Mainstages and is collaborating with the likes of Dash Berlin and Tiesto?  Not terribly unlike another young Dutch prodigy who at this time last year, was riding the wave of 2013’s track of the year and collaborating with some up pretty big names.

3LAU feat. Bright Lights – How You Love Me (Acoustic Version) | Download

This last week Justin, carrying an air of humility and reverence for all who have helped him along his way, personally made the rounds through several community Facebook groups, talking about how special the song was to him and that by releasing the acoustic stems, he was hoping to share Heather Bright’s beautiful vocals with the rest of the world, as he quoted “It really means something when you can pull the melody out of a track and the vocals are still so beautiful.”  And just like that, the “How You Love Me” remix contest is up and running.

Along with this acapella, he also released a music video to go along with the original track.  It’s hard to envision what an artist uses as his or her muse when creating music, but the video itself centers around one night with teenage love.  It starts cute, gets a bit…cuddly…then it heads another direction.  You’ve been forewarned.  It’s tough to determine if this makes the track more endearing, or something else.  But I’m just a blogger, we can leave that up to an art major or film student to interpret for us.