Streamus May Make YouTube Better Than Spotify & Soundcloud

Streamus - YouTube Extension for Google Chrome

I’m in love. The creator of Streamus, a streaming YouTube extension for Google Chrome needs to get famous. Essentially, if you run Chrome as a browser, you can take playlists from YouTube and throw them into Streamus, where they’ll play just like a music playlist in iTunes/Soundcloud/Spotify. Here’s the kicker, because it’s coded in HTML5, YouTube ad support isn’t possible. This means YouTube has become the world’s largest (by far) streaming service. You know that 100+ video long playlist you have of your favorite genre? You can just turn it on & go on browsing, without worrying about keeping a tab open or clicking away ads every time the song changes. And there’s Beatport integration. You’ll never have to use iTunes again, as you can just search YouTube from the extension and play the music right there.

To note, the lack of ad-support isn’t by design. The coder isn’t a pirate, HTML5 just doesn’t support ad-insertion in this format, especially when it comes to the YouTube API. This means it’s less likely someone’s going to come along and sue him into oblivion, so that means this might have a chance to change everything. If he could add other streaming sites, this could fundamentally shift how people consume music online. It’s slick, doesn’t hog RAM and I used it for hours without a hint of lag or buffering.

Get at this extension here and there’s a YouTube video of how to install/use it (under 3 min long) below. Honestly, since I started using Streamus, I don’t use anything else at home. It was created by a true-blue raver, so if you see him at Electric Daisy Carnival, give him the highest of fives and buy him a beverage of his choice. For now, Donate, because this needs to keep being a thing. Now to fund-raise for a mobile app…