Max Graham – Studio Sessions

Max Graham

Max Graham‘s been extremely active on the production front lately and seems to be taking a completely new approach in getting his music out to his listeners. Within the past two weeks, the owner of Re*Brand Records and also the host of the famous long-running Cycles Radio has been experimenting with the underground side of house music, and we have been lucky enough to have a taste of Max Graham’s experimental studio sessions through teaser uploads of 7 short tunes on his Soundcloud, namely “Pound”, “Argentina”, “Argentina V3”, “Reflection”, “Time”, “Tulum” and “Playa”. Originally known for his trance productions, these 7 small snippets are proof that Max Graham’s talents and music genres are much more vast and diverse than trance, and consistent with his radio shows which we have been witnessing him play the more underground tunes in the first hours, these experimental studio outputs are all quality dark-sounding tech-house/techno tunes which we hope will turn into official releases later on. Do keep close tabs on Max Graham’s Soundcloud page because surely, he will be dishing out more of these teasers for his fans’ liking.