Tritonal & Paris Blohm ft. Sterling Fox – Colors (Official Music Video)

After reaching the number one spot in the Beatport progressive charts, Tritonal’s latest single ‘Colors’, in collaboration with Paris Blohm with Sterling Fox on vocals, has been getting international recognition. Chad and David spoke at lengths about their hit track in our recent interview about the lengthy process behind the track as a whole. Between a Beatport remix contest, engineering the track, and getting it set for radio play, it has been almost a nine-month endeavor that the three artists couldn’t be happier to finally reveal to their fans.

Now midway through their North American COLORS Tour, the official music video of the tune is released. The inspiration video art depicts stops throughout the tour and vast seas of people singing and dancing to the progressive hit. The visuals of the film coincide perfectly to the uplifting and haunting vocals of Sterling Fox, along with the energetic melodies that only Tritonal and Paris Blohm could dream up.