Porter Robinson Announces Release Date for Second Single off “Worlds”

“Worlds” is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated electronic music albums of this year, mainly because Porter Robinson is known for only delivering excellence on all fronts when it comes to being a DJ and producer. He’s stated for quite a while that his first studio album will be taking on a more beautiful and musical face not being very similar to his previous heavier electro projects such as his Spitfire EP. This was clearly demonstrated when he released its first extremely well relieved single, “Sea of Voices” and has the entire dance music scene abuzz about what the second upcoming single, “Sad Machine” is going to sound like. The cover art for the record is a beautifully drawn picture of a dark and dreary snow covered setting with a man and his bag getting ready to step into a lit shed of sorts. There’s no audio of Sad Machine that can be found anywhere on the Web, but it’s safe to say from the cover art and the title itself that this will probably be one of the darker songs on the album. Surely however it sounds, no one will expect anything short of an amazing second release off of “Worlds” from the 21 year old producer. Make sure to download the new tune when it drops on May 13th!