Insomniac Releases Trailer for ‘Under The Electric Sky’

Look no further, after months and months of preparation, media releases, teasers, and everything else you could possibly imagine, Insomniac has given us the first big taste of the movie that will surely rock the entire electronic music culture this coming Memorial Day weekend. Of course, we’re talking about Under the Electric Sky. 

As we are continually fed greater snipits of information, and accolades that include being selected from over 12,000 movies to be in Sundance, scored by none other than Kaskade, and blazing the trail as one of the first of its kind in this “new era of production and electronic music,” this has the potential to become one of the unifying moments of this entire music generation.

One of the best quotes from this two minute trailer is without a doubt by none other than Tommie Sunshine: “These are all the kids who ate lunch by themselves in high school, and they stumble upon this and went ‘whoa, I belong here.”

If you’re just hearing about this now, feel free to take a peek at our “Under the Electric Sky” guide HERE.  Did we mention that the final week of this month is going to be massive, with EDC NY taking place, the lineup for EDC Las Vegas being announced, and this movie debuting all at the same time?  It’ll be tough fighting off the chills just thinking about it.