Forever Never Land Music Festival – Turning Fantasies into Reality?

We all know (or all of us should know) the story of Peter Pan and the lost boys of Neverland. It was a magical land filled by a group youths who refused to grow up, where every day was filled with nothing but excitement and adventure. Sadly, there is no such a place in the real world today, and we must painfully accept the inevitable physical aging, but who’s to say that  we can’t have days filled with adventure? “Forever Never Land” is here to make that a reality, if only for two days. Forever Never Land (FNL) a 21+ music fest set to take place in sunny central California and focuses on what really makes festivals so worthwhile: the experiences and the memories. We may all get excited for big lineups for big music, but regardless of how great any set was, nothing replaces the experiences we have with our friends in these little worlds away from society.

FNL capitalizes on this fantasy-like ideology by providing attendees with four “lands” and 3 stages, and a myriad of activities. The lineup hasn’t been announced yet, but the Main-Stage will feature some of today’s biggest mainstream artists and rising stars, the Blackout-Stage will be the home for EDM artists, and Forever-Stage is set to be chilled out with music from the 80s/90s and nu-disco. Each land will have a distinct theme and set of activities; there’s “Future Land”, “International World”, “Castle Land”, and “Pirate’s Cove”. Activities also have yet to be finalized, however the tentative list has everything you could want to satisfy the child in you, from laser tag, black out paint parties and zip lines to bounce houses, foam pits and water slides. There’ll even be wine or beer tasting for any of the connoisseurs out there. It’s good to see festivals switching things up and giving unique experiences. We eagerly await the lineup announcements and finalized activities. For more info head over to their website and see what it’s all about.