Deadmau5 Teases with Preview of ‘Avaritia’ off Forthcoming Album ‘While (1<2)'

Deadmau5 recently announced the pre-sale and final release dates for his latest album “while(1<2)“, as May 20th and June 17th respectively. The wait for this monster 2-disc 25-track album has been painfully long, and the June 17th release date seems so far away, but it’s bound to be well worth the wait. In the release announcement, Mr. Zimmerman unveiled the first track off the album, entitled “Avaritia” (Latin for greed), which was on his experimental unofficial playlist/EP “7“. The tracks on “7” were weighted down by somber piano melodies and had an incredibly emotional feel; whereas this version of Avaritia takes on a new identity. The preview presents us with a familiar progressive build, as heard in his 13 minute track “777“, and a bass heavy breakdown to get the blood pumping. You can catch a bit of it in the beginning of his set at Ultra, but the Soundcloud preview gives a much better glimpse of what we can expect from the whole. We’re hoping that the mau5 offers more previews as the June date approaches, because this has us up in all kinds of excitement.