Deadmau5 Raises Bar for Forthcoming LP: “It’s the first one I’d even call an album”

David Wolff-Patrick/Redferns via Getty Images

The social-media presence of Deadmau5, probably one of the interwebz biggest trolls, has been in a lull of late. Yet that is not to say he has been absent entirely, as he is always one to have his two cents of input to share and keep the pot of EDM blogs a-stirring.

But recently, Joel took to twitter to announce his next big move that will sure to keep everyone waiting on the edge of their office chairs. It would seem as if just in time for the summer music push, Deadmau5 promises to release a double-album that is sure to be ‘worth the wait’.

The album set to release during the summer season may be something we don’t really expect from the likes of Deadmau5. Speaking with inthemix back in March, Zimmerman stated:

“. . .there’s a couple of tracks on there that are quite radio-friendly, not even dance music, that I’m going to put out as singles just to attract that kind of shit. So it’s a long-game strategy at this point.”

This album is also said to be different than his previous Eps and albums in the fact that it is arranged and produced like an album, differing from his previous releases (For Lack of a Better Name4×4=12, and Album Title Goes Here) which were structured more as compilations that actually albums.