Deadmau5 Preps Purrari For The Gumball-3000

What would a 3,000-mile auto rally be without Deadmau5 and the infamous Purrari? Far less epic, we assume. The one and only Nyan-458 Ferrari will be racing in this year’s Gumball-3000 annual British motor rally. Driver’s will race from Miami to Ibiza, following their cars across the atlantic to complete the Gumball-3000.

The rally will kick off with a DJ set from Deadmau5 in Miami, just before the auto elites race through Atlanta to New York. From there, all 120 cars in the race will be shipped off to London’s Regent Street, where the second portion of the rally will proceed down to the finish line in Ibiza.

The cost to enter the Gumball-3000? A cool £40,000 per-participating vehicle. Let’s just hope that new album is coming to a finish before the Mau5 embarks on this transcontinental journey.

Check out the full route of the Gumball-3000 below and see if the Purrari is destined for a city near you!