Above & Beyond – Sticky Fingers feat. Alex Vargas (Lane 8 Remix)

Though an avid Above & Beyond fan, I’ve felt a guilty twinge of disconcerting thoughts ever since “Sticky Fingers” came out. The imagery of newly moistened, sticky fingers probing my gelatinous mass of pink brain matter is not one I want to associate with the do-no-wrong musical masters of Above & Beyond – but this is a personal matter, which I am seeking therapy (group therapy?) for.  Imagery aside, “Sticky Fingers” is yet another brilliant lyrical venture from Tony McGuiness and Paavo and Jono, and weaves a uniquely worded tale of memories that simply will not abandon our thoughts. Throwing a mildly tempered version into the mix is always proper for the Anjunabeats family, and last week’s Above & Beyond Group Therapy 078 featured Anjunadeep veteran Lane 8’s incredible remix of “Sticky Fingers,” and that is definitely helping to alleviate the eerie pictorials.

A deep, mellow rendition in perfect Lane 8 fashion, the “Sticky Fingers” remix largely replaces the sharp, dramatic tension that drives the original with a significantly more relaxed vibe that pulsates a reverberating, halyconic calm into your brain. This Lane 8  remix is definitely one that’ll have you lingering in an undeniably placid state of goodness; take a listen below!