Laidback Luke Puts the Haters to Sleep: “Pre-recorded sets my ass”

A recent YouTube video went viral within the EDM community displaying “What DJs really do,” after showing the likes of Sander van Doorn, Steve Aoki, and Laidback Luke appearing to just sit behind some decks and groove at the Mixmash pool party in Miami. Furthermore, the video continued to poke fun via caption-like japes at the said Djs.

While the Djs in question often seemed to take the “cheap blow” rather lightheartedly, they still sought to defend their honor. Laidback Luke mentioned that “they were just having fun,” and promised to show the next show in Philadelphia just what live DJing is. Adding fuel to the fire, several other Djs lashed out at the likes of Laidback Luke in somewhat vicious posts across Facebook. Luke then followed up by throwing down some tantric turntablism on Philadelphia as promised.