I’m not one to read into subliminal messages, but behind their boisterous #SELFIE act, it seems like the Chainsmokers have something else in mind under the surface. “Jealous,” “Young Heart,” and now Neon Tree’s “Sleeping with a Friend,” their repertoire of songs seems to be moving from – self-proclaimed genre – “Feel good and Rub Yourself Music” to something a little more social. All jokes aside, whatever conniving plan these two have to creating a licentious world of friends with benefits, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, at least the ‘feel good’ part of their message remains consistent. Choosing a solid foundation is half the battle, and The Chainsmokers seem to be graced with a keen ability to take unique, powerful vocals that are atypically considered dance music, and completely transform them irresistible tracks that’ll have you in a dancing frenzy. The deep, invigorating pulse throughout “Sleeping with a Friend” creates a thrilling and slightly menacing tone perfect to capture the nature of the lyrics.