Kaskade Announces 2nd Annual Redux Tour

This time last year marked the 10 year anniversary of Kaskade’s debut album, ‘It’s You, It’s Me‘. To commemorate the event, Kaskade stepped away from the big room and into the deep to dial the time back to where it all started. Redux was born. The stops on the tour sold out in mere seconds and only mere hundreds would groove to the unadulterated house sounds of Kaskade packed into small, sweaty, intimate venues. Just like it used to be. Redux started as an event and has grown into a movement of people demanding something different, something intriguing and something soulful. The first Redux tour left people wanting more. Kaskade recently made an announcement regarding his new EP, which will feature brand new Redux worthy tracks and will be released exclusively on vinyl. Making it old school. Following that announcement was another that fans were hoping for: Kaskade will be embarking on a 2nd round of his coveted Redux Tour, bringing the grooves to 12 cities that were not included in the 1st round of Redux. The most notable of these cities is San Francisco. Last year fans were miffed that Kaskade would not bring his house show to the very city that gave him his start. Well this year, Kaskade will return to his old stomping grounds and you can bet it will be something special.

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