Above & Beyond Go Beyond and Above with Ultra Set

Above & Beyond - Ultra
Above & Beyond played a beautiful set this past weekend at Ultra that combined their usual groove with an abundance of emotional moments, featuring the soul-caressing vocals of their classics and soft and beautiful visuals interlaced with energetic lights. Notably, their set was interrupted by water damage to their equipment and resulted in the subsequent playing with their backs to the crowd while under protection from the rain. However, Tony and Paavo (Jono was back in London) took it all in stride, even embracing the weather with a bit of irony by dropping “Blue Sky Action”. Then, they eventually closed out the set with the acoustic version of “Sun & Moon” to a tear-ridden, emotional crowd and with the final message “Life Is Made of Small Moments Like This”. All in all, hearing an energetic, emotional set from Above & Beyond at Ultra while feeling the cool caress of rain and gorgeous vocals amidst the hot mugginess of Miami must be exactly what heaven feels like.