Avicii Collaborates with FIFA for 2014’s Official World Cup Anthem

For many, the popular soccer video game known as FIFA is more than just a game. I’m sure many of you can account for broken friendships, bitter rivalries, and unheard of levels of adrenaline rushes as a result of these small and scurrying pixelated athletes.

Following a trend in many newer sports games, large names in the music industry are being hunted down to do soundtracks, and even title themes, for these games themselves. The newest name signed to the FIFA name is Avicii. The track ,“Dar um Jeito (We Will Find A Way)”, will be used as the official 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup Anthem.

But by no means is Avicii tackling this project singlehandedly. A power circle of talent; including Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean, and Alexandre Pires are all hopping on board to premier the track at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Closing Ceremony on July 13th.

Avicii later goes on to say, “I gave it a ‘Samba meets my dance music’ sound. . .Which works perfectly for the positive spirit of the song.” And while there is no preview for the track at the moment, we should expect Avicii, Santana, Pires and Wycleff to perform the song live at the World Cup closing ceremony in Rio de Janeiro on July 13.