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April Fool’s Day in the EDM community means there’s going to a lot of fake news going around for a bit. This though, this is anything but fake. Anjunabeats has just released their latest installment in a remix series with Anjunabeats: Remixes Collection 06. Collection 05 was released back in 2012, so this has been long time coming, but it’s O so worth it. The compilation is a highly curated selection of 12 remixes and edits that have been finding their way into quite a few ABGT episodes and the live sets of our favorite Anjuna artists. These aren’t unreleased bootlegs or secret edits, technically you could go buy each one as a single, but it’s nice to have them consolidated in one place; it’s a showcase of their best of the best over the past year. Whether it be Andrew Bayer’s club mix of “Need Your Love” with its stunning breakdown, Heatbeat’s fire-filled take on “Afterthought“, or the subtle and beautiful Oliver Smith remix of “Contrast“, there’s a little something in here for everyone. We’re sure each of one these has received Tony McGuinness’ seal of approval with a nice long “MMMmmmmm.”
You can stream the compilation below as an hour long mix, and it can be purchased on Beatport and iTunes as well.