5 Hilarious Skrillex Photoshops of Iconic Figures

The internet is a vast expanse of trolls, jokes, and time-sinks. Sometimes, though rather rarely, actual useful information surfaces, and a recent Tumblr account seems to be just that. The Tumblr titled ‘I Want To Skrill Everybody In The World,’ posts series of different figures, all the way from historical figures to modern day actors, photoshopped to have Mr. Skrillex’s signature items (essentially just his hair style, big ol’ glasses, and a big black eating). While the Tumblr account boasts pages upon pages of people-turned-bass-god, we at EDMTunes have done just enough ground work in hunting down the best ones to make you excited to thumb through these hilarious Tumblr pages.

1) While it may be too-soon-to-be-considered-funny, this homage to this recently-deceased and iconic actor.

2) In case you need to know what style of bass music will cure you from your midlife crisis, Dr. Skrill can point you in the right direction.

3) Who would you want fighting by your side in war, hunting wild beasts, and, you know, rave next to?

4) And this one is just simply out of nostalgia’s sake.

5) [Insert caption here]

The author of I.W.T.K.E.I.T.W. is open to ideas for other people to ‘Skrill,’ so if you have a free memento to suggest something to him, GO FOR IT! Who are you thinking would be the funniest to zoo Skrilled?