Paris Hilton Stands Up For Her DJ Career in Recent Interview with V Magazine

Whether you hate her, love her, or just love to hate her, nobody can deny the fact that celebutante-turned-DJ Paris Hilton’s face has been seen splattered across the media more and more as of late. But it seems that no matter how much hate mail the world can throw her way, it just doesn’t slow down the party-queen’s vaulting optimism.

In a recent interview with the popular fashion website V Magazine, Paris Hilton publicly defend herself and her craft on national media. She further goes on to respond,

There are always going to be haters in life. I don’t pay attention to those people. I’m doing what I love and selling out shows all around the world, and I’m getting paid a lot of money to do it. I’m passionate and I work hard to keep bettering my music, my sets, and myself. That’s what really matters.”

While it seems like Paris has actually found something she is passionate about and truly loves, she also hasn’t stepped back from the fashionista-princess we all know and love. She goes on to mentions, ”I love rocking my Chanel fingerless gloves, I own more than 500 pairs, and I call them my DJ gloves.”

Head over to V Magazine, and check out the full interview here.