Pretty Lights Releases B-Side Track and New Remix to be Featured on Divergent Movie Soundtrack

Whenever Pretty Lights announces great news, he does it in bunches. Todays news: stream an unreleased b-side from “A Color Map of the Sun” entitled ‘Lost and Found’ and the Odesza Remix via the soundcloud link below. But there’s more: ‘Lost and Found’ comes with a music video while the Odesza remix is going to be featured in the Divergent Soundtrack -an upcoming action-adventure motion picture. The original song is a beautiful and laid back track that is perfectly complimented by the music video describing city life. It is as if PL was able to harness the sound that the Gorillaz made us fall in love with with the Gorillaz album and make it his own.

While the original has a dark, mellow feel that depicts the city struggle, the remix is very upbeat, with the pulsing synths giving it a distinctly electronic vibe. The accordion-esque swell and churn against the drums to create a groove that will sweep across a variety of dance floors and genres. No wonder this got picked up to be featured in Divergent. Be sure to check out the two songs on the soundcloud below and the music video too.