Calling all producers! ToneDen is a brand new platform that aims to make it easier for bloggers, A&R professionals, music managers, booking agents, and fans to discover talent and review an artist’s work. Artists can swiftly create their own personal profiles that cleanly showcases their music and social media pages.

We had the opportunity to speak with the founders of the platform. Check below for the inside scoop on how ToneDen came about and where they plan to take it.

EDMT: What inspired your team to create ToneDen?

TD: We recognized that today’s musicians rely on online services and media outlets such as SoundCloud, Facebook, and music blogs in order to reach old and new fans. However these services leave an artist’s web-presence scattered, making it difficult and time consuming for the music community to learn about them. That’s why we made ToneDen, a service for musicians to easily create beautiful personal profiles that summarize everything they want known about them, all in one place.

EDMT: Do you plan on updating the platform in the future?

TD: We are constantly thinking of ways to make ToneDen more helpful for up and coming musicians. The end goal is to make something that’s cool and useful for everyone, and we hope to extend the features we have to people working within the music industry too.

EDMT: How long did it take to build ToneDen? Has it been a rewarding experience?

TD: It took us about 2 months to get the first version of ToneDen up and running, and we publicly launched in December. As for the experience…It’s been amazing. Funny enough, creating a startup is exactly like starting a new music project. You rely on your family and friends for initial support, you try your best to reach out to potential fans (users) and you wish you had a big record label deal (VC), but at the end of the day, what matters most is the music you make (our product).

ToneDen’s ultimate goal is to allow the music community to form and manage their professional relationships in one place. The service is currently in public beta and is welcoming any and all artists to sign up for free today. There is a premium version of the service, which gives artists access to a one sheet (an electronic press kit that doubles as a resume for their music) and lets them turn their ToneDen profile into an unbranded website. Luckily, we have been graciously given a special 40% discount for all our readers who are interested in the yearly subscription. Enter the code: “EDMTUNES” when upgrading your account and you will be set!