Eclectic Method Brings Us the Hysterical Chest Thump Remix from the Wolf of Wall Street

Chest Thump Mix

For those who have watched the critically-acclaimed, brilliantly twisted and Oscar-nominated  “Wolf of Wall Street“, surely what springs to mind, apart from the never-ending portrayal of sex, drugs and debauchery of the infamous Jordan Belfort, is the extremely catchy tribal-like chest thump by the Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey. Apparently, Matthew is the man who invented and brought the idea of the chest thump to the movie (he uses it to calm his nerves before going on set), and EclecticMethod, a DJ/producer from Spain, mixed this chest thump (along with other scenes and lines from Leonardo DiCaprio) with some dance beats, kicks and buildups, which result in a hilarious, yet catchy and danceable tune. Check it out for yourself below, don’t say we didn’t warn you, but this little tune definitely gets into your head.