Earthquake in Los Angeles Gives DJs an Early Morning Awakening; Naturally, They Take to Twitter

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It seems like Mother Earth is taking on her St. Patty’s Day celebrations bright and early, stumbling and causing an earthquake in the California hub of Los Angeles.  Though the calamity of natural disasters often lead to solemn tragedies, sometimes it’s a powerful means to pull a community of people together. Leave it to our social media-addicted DJs to be the first responders on Twitter regarding a 4.4-magnitude earthquake that shook Los Angeles this morning; though there thankfully were no damages and injuries reported, some of our favorite DJs seem to have been quite distraught and “shaken” – if we may shed the pun – from the early morning disruption.


While some DJs ran to Twitter to tell the tales of their abrupt morning awakening, others took advantage of the early get-up to get a head start to their day. And because getting woken up by a giant earthquake is the cool thing to do, some like Deorro even felt left out – better luck next time. We are glad everyone is safe and sound!