Joel Zimmerman is known for a lot of things: being the man under the mau5 head, publicly voicing his opinions on social media and his mini talk show “Coffee Run.” While touring India this past week, deadmau5 told his Twitterverse that he just did another segment, this time with Daler Mehndi. For those who are unaware, Mehndi is an Indian recording artist and has been citied as the father of the Indian pop industry. He also joined deadmau5 on stage during his performance at Sunburn Festival.

The usual Coffee Runs take place in Zimmerman’s Ferrari, but this time, and apparently his first time driving one, it went down in a Lamborghini on an F1 track. Without actual coffee and a care in the world (Zimmerman promised he wouldn’t go over 100mph….they did over 200MPH), deadmau5 and Mehndi raced around the track and talked about the similarities between EDM and Bollywood, peace, and the upcoming show that night. Catch the entire segment now.