Deadmau5 Showcases New Cube Equipment & Music at Sydney Future Music Festival

Deadmau5 is at it again with another incredible tune. His recent show at Future Music Festival Sydney was an absolute experience to remember; he managed to ship all his cube equipment with new and improved graphics, along with some new tunes (the most important of those three). A video has surfaced of what would seem to be a new track, but if you’ve followed him closely you can tell it’s actually a bit of a mashup. Back in ’08, he released a remix of Morgan Page’s “Longest Road” with a very progressive and melodic feel. This time though, he’s filtered up Lissie’s voice a bit and layered it over the original version of “Coelacanth” (which was posted on his Live Site this past December, and has since hit YouTube). The combination is nothing short of incredible. Check it out below:

Photo Credit: Yaya Stempler