EDC New York Adds Trance Superstars To Already Star-Studded Line Up

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Pasquale Rotella continues to be a man of the people. A few days after announcing the star-studded line up for EDC NY, the head of Insomniac gave headliners exactly what they were asking for: trance. EDC NY’s lineup was announced the same day as Mysteryland and both won over prospective attendees. But some fans were spurned when they realized that EDC was missing something that not only Mysteryland has, but all other EDC festivals generally have had as well: trance.

So Pasquale did exactly what the fans were pleading for and he rallied up the troops: bringing in Andrew Rayel and Orjan Nilsen. But that wasn’t all; Rotella also added Nero, who will be making their 2014 festival debut ahead of a potential new album, as well as Thomas Gold and Mano Le Tough. With Mysteryland set in stone and SFX announcing another potential NY festival, it is up to Pasquale to continue to pull tricks from his sleeves. It can be said that this is his way of apologizing to fans for not holding a camping festival, but we like to believe that it is just a man with a plan pulling out all the stops to put on the best possible show he can. As of now, it’s difficult to determine who will win New York’s heart for Memorial Day Weekend, but one thing’s for sure: Pasquale is listening to his fans, and he won’t go down without a fight. Get your tickets now!