“Computerized” Confirmed: Jay-Z & Daft Punk Collaboration Leaked

We’ve been watching the internet salivate over this track all afternoon. Rumors have been flying, but with Pitchfork now confirming the authenticty, we’re happy to report that Daft Punk & Jay-Z not only collaborated on a track, but that the track has also been leaked. Found originally on The Daft Club (Daft Punk fan forum site), the tune was supposedly produced along with the Tron: Legacy soundtrack (from the “Son of Flynn” tune for everyone who thought the best part of that movie was the music). However, it wasn’t released anywhere, perhaps because it didn’t meet the high expectations of Daft Punk. The lyrics are interesting, and definitely speak to a pre-Samsung/Magna Carta era, as he raps about his blackberry and that means it’s older than 2013 at the least. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about this when he realizes the internet has erupted about something that was never meant to see the light of day.