Matt Lange To Drop 3 Track EP on Anjunadeep

Matt Lange – I Can’t Forgive (feat. Jeza)/Inverse (feat. Kerry Leva)/This Is How It Is
Label: Anjunadeep | Release Date: March 24, 2014

The last time we covered Matt Lange, he was previewing a deep techno tune cheekily named “Glow Ballz”. The LA based producer is back, and this time he’s giving us a taste of a 3 track EP to be released on Anjunadeep later this March. “I Can’t Forgive” features stunning vocals from Jeza and a crisp percussion set up; Matt definitely boasts his melodic prowess here (makes sense as well, he is a graduate from Berklee College of Music). “Inverse” (feat. Kerry Leva) is extremely reminiscent of Glow Ballz. There is almost a tribal feel to it, and he’s re-used some vocal samples from tracks in the past. Capping the EP off is “This Is How It Is”. Sporting a very similar percussion feel as “Inverse”, this track is deep and dreamy but with a bit of funk. Matt Lange continues to impress with his attention to detail and progressive sound and it’s nice to see Anjunadeep putting out such a heavily curated selection of music. The EP drops on March 24th, and can be streamed below via soundcloud.