deadmau5′ Next Move: Wildstylez Track Removed From YouTube

In a final act of triumph in the social-media battle between deadmau5 and Wildstylez, the latter’s release of his song “Straightforward,” has been taken down by deadmau5 due to a copyright claim. (That was fast).

The fight started where most start these days, on Twitter.  When Joram Metekohy, aka Wildstylez, uploaded one of his new hardstyle tunes to YouTube, it was almost instantly noted that the chords of “Some Chords” were running through the background. The Tweets from Joel were not pleasant and the whole story can be viewed here. Metekohy denied the claim as Zimmerman and his followers continued to berate back and forth and then finally, it seems, Zimmerman filed a complaint and YouTube favored his side.

In keeping with good ol’ basic trolling, deadmau5 took it a step further and created a hardstyle track of his own to mock the genre and let out his frustration creatively. The moral of the story? Don’t mess with an artist who has access to a high-flying legal team, he’ll probably win. Or better yet, don’t mess with the mau5 because he’ll come at you swinging.