In a move to be more transparent, Pasquale Rotella, CEO of Insomniac Events, has taken to all of his social media accounts to shed light on a few notable issues by addressing Beyond Wonderland SoCal, small camping events, and the never-ending quest for the perfect festival location.

Beyond Wonderland took place last year on March 16th from 4pm to 2am, so it makes sense why people were questioning if the event was still going on this year. If the festival wasn’t going to be announced soon, it wasn’t going to happen in March. According to Pasquale, the San Manuel Amphitheater cannot handle Insomniac’s large events at the moment: many goers this past year had to deal with ridiculous traffic jams getting out of the venue. Some people claimed to be  stuck for over 3 hours!  While it is most certainly a disappointment for SoCal festival goers, Pasquale does have a valid point -Insomniac is known for quality, and if quality is going to be negatively affected, then things have to be re-planned, and in this case, completely altered and delayed for the purpose of making it perfect.

The second part of Pasquale’s announcement brings light to a new venue in Las Vegas, don’t worry, EDC will still be at the Motor Speedway, but the new venue will have its own Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal Wonderland. This is a smooth move for Rotella because it once more shows that he really does have the fan’s best interest at heart. If there is no information, everyone is just going to remain in the dark, voice their frustration, and then take their business elsewhere. This sort of maneuver keeps the public’s opinion of Insomniac high (as it should be), and also gives all of us a better idea of what exactly is going on behind those closed doors.