Deadmau5 Announces Release Date of Highly Anticipated 24-Track Album, Blasts Bieber

Pleasant news on the Deadmau5 front: the Internet’s favorite DJ has announced that his highly anticipated 24 track album will come out in “March-ish” on the Astralwerks label. In an interview with the Edmonton Journal, Joel announced the release date as well as saying that the new album would have a lot of new stuff. This will be his first album that isn’t under Ultra Records, so it will be interesting to see what style of music he goes with. If you are a member of the suckscription website, there is a good chance you have been able to hear music that is going to be featured on the album.

And because Deadmau5 has no fear of being in the limelight, he also decided to take shots at his best friend Justin Bieber because; why not. He had a few ‘choice words’ for Bieber and joyfully challenged him to a drag race (hopefully in the nyan cat Ferrari).