Noisecontrollers – What?!

As EDM lovers – we’ve all been there, trying to explain the inexplicable affinity, almost psychotic passion for music that may sound like broken space ships and dying dinosaurs. Well, if Skrillex and Excision drew out befuddled looks and rolled eyes from your parents, Noisecontrollers’ newly unveiled single will have them shaking their heads and shouting a confused “What?!” Thus, rightfully so, Bas Oskam, the mastermind behind the hardstyle dance act Noisecontrollers, named his aggressively full-throttle, rhythmically bellicose song just that, “What?!” Building up to the apogee of his album release through Q-Dance on March 14, “What?!” is the second single following “All Around the World” to provide a glimpse into the full album. Get ready to rumble with this thrasher, and for those of you who come out alive and smiling at the end of the song, remember, this is just a small peek into the full hardstyle madness soon to come.