Paris & Simo Tokyo Exclusive Edits + Live Stream from Tokyo

Our favorite Canadian duo are doing big things overseas right now. Having just embarked on their first ever tour in Asia, the boys are looking to celebrate with these free exclusive ‘Tokyo Edits’. For those who weren’t fortunate enough to catch them on their mini tour in Tokyo (myself included), you could almost pretend that you were there with these mashup edits, which Paris and Simone played during their live performances. Whether they’re throwing it down domestically or internationally, Paris & Simo are always bringing the heat with their unique progressive sound that has earned them recognition from some of the biggest names in dance music. There’s a reason why Tiesto has been keeping his eyes on these guys, ladies and gentlemen! If you haven’t gotten the chance to catch them on tour yet, then you’re definitely missing out on greatness. The boys will be flying back to the states for their show with Lucky Date at Ruby Skye in San Francisco tomorrow night, let this be your chance to witness them in action! But in the meantime, you can join the boys for a live stream straight from Tokyo at 4 PM PST right here on EDMTunes:

Paris & Simo Tokyo Exclusive Edits | Download