Fractal – Spection EP

Fractal just goes hard. That’s about the only way to sufficiently begin an article reviewing the 2 track EP released by Monstercat staple Fractal. Consisting of two songs, ‘Spection’ and ‘Mountain Hunter’, it brings nothing but the magic that Fractal has used to make a name for himself. The first track, ‘Spection’, has a chill tempo, which opens up with a mellow chorus that suddenly transitions into some heavy bass. But that transition is only a precursor for the heavy bass he brings in the drop, mixing in some emphatic laser wobbles with some high hitting synths mixed. Although it’s the name sake of the EP, I think the real winner of the two is ‘Mountain Hunter’. I too once hunted mountains in a past life, and it was very similar to the sounds conveyed in this song. Compared to Spection, Mountain Hunter has a much more relaxed vibe, almost as if you are walking through a rainforest searching for a lost city (I know, deep right?). It’s truly a 6 minute adventure, and both songs stand to show the musical range that Fractal possesses. This is just another gem from Monstercat, and another success for Fractal. The EP can be listened to below and purchased here.