iZotope & BT Release New Plug-in: BreakTweaker Beat Sequencer

If you’re in the music production game, chances are you have heard of iZotope and its long list of top-notch plug-ins. Be it vocal tuners, mastering suites, distort units or anything else, iZotope has always been viewed as a pioneer in terms of new and innovative plug-ins. Their newest release, partnered BT, is up there with the rest of their products in terms of uniqueness as well as creative potential. Using its three unique interfaces, the BreakTweaker offers unlimited potential in terms of groove creation, beat sculpting, and anything else a producer may need.

While it does come with its own library of samples, it also can have samples imported into it. This means the possibilities are literally infinite when it comes to creative potential. Check out the video below to see even more of BreakTweaker’s stellar features, and click here to check out the rest of iZotope’s products.