Tomorrowland Creates Permanent Bridge To Commemorate The Global Festival

Tomorrowland, the annual festival that takes place in Belgium, becomes a temporary home for thousands of people during its 5-day run each summer. To commemorate the gathering of people from hundreds of different countries, whose only intention is to listen to good music, one of the most famous Belgian modern artists, Arne Quinze, is creating a “unique and permanent landmark that symbolizes the positive coming together of the whole world at Tomorrowland each year,” according to a press release from the event.

Quinze is known world-wide for building enormous and surrealistic public art installations and now she has designed a bridge for the Tomorrowland location. According to the release, this piece of art is 600 meters long and has a central statue of 25 meters high symbolizing freedom. The project will be built as a permanent bridge that visitors can enjoy all year in De Schorre, where Tomorrowland takes place. This project will be called “One World, by the People of Tomorrow.”

Since the bridge symbolizes the connection between people, everyone is invited to be a part of the project and can leave a message on a piece of artwork as a contribution. These messages will be laser-engraved into the wood of the bridge.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can have a personal message for tomorrow permanently installed on the bridge as a tag. These could be simple sentences or edited messages with symbols, pre-made templates or even small pieces of art.

According to Tomorrowland, the goal is to create an artwork with 210,000 positive messages from all corners of the globe. The construction of the bridge will be filmed and photographed, and you can follow every step of the progress as well as create your message here.

The bridge will be open in June 2014.

View the trailer below:

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