A Raver’s Holiday Wishlist

Have you been naughty or nice this year? If you’re like us, you’ve been a little bit of both. And, as fellow dance music enthusiasts and festival/show junkies, we also wish for specific items to be underneath all the wrapping when it’s time to open presents. Whether it’s neon, glowing novelty items or golden tickets through the gates of paradise, a raver’s holiday wishlist is not an average one. Rather, it’s a glittery list filled with pounding beats, potentially life changing events, and the occasional fantasy for a rainbow riding unicorn. Ranging from tangible items to wishes that cannot be presented in a box, here are a some holiday desires selected by the EDMTunes staff.

1. Tickets to __________ festival/show.

The answer to the blank above is definitely “every”, but that option is unfortunately in the same plane of reality as finding a rainbow riding unicorn. However, a ticket to any festival, especially with the constant rise in prices, would help the bank account in a major way. Which festival or show would you like as a Christmas present?

2. JammyPack

Still carrying around a fanny pack? Get with the times, bro. JammyPack is all about the hands free beats with simultaneous storage. Fill the silence with your jams during the long walk back to the car or if the rave gods decide to throw you a curve ball by shutting down the festivities with a sand storm. This gift would delight any music lover.

3. For the GLovers

A decent pair of gloves can do some damage to a glover’s wallet. Inova’s and Photon’s are not cheap especially when you need 10 for a whole set. So, if you’ve got a gloving friend or family member, repay them for all the face melting light shows with new lights or batteries in the stalking.

4. Special Edition Above and Beyond Acoustic Album and DVD with Photographic Book

Many of us here at EDMTunes are deeply in love, dare I say obsessed, with A&B and their music. Their music has accompanied many of us during pinnacle moments in our lives, and this acoustic bundle is a dream come true for us and any A&B fan. A big fat cherry on top of this group therapy sundae would be a copy signed by Jono, Paavo, and Tony.

5. Visual L.E.D. Poi

Better technology equals awesome toys. These babies will have any poi lover screeching like a school girl and swirling impressive designs to light up the night. But, at $1500.00 for the pair, it’s a hard one to stick under the tree…unless you’re just ballin’ out of control. And, if you are, go ahead and send us a pair, too. Thanks in advance.

6. Trance Tiesto

It’s something many Tiesto fans have been praying for the past couple of years, and we got a little tease in 2013 after the DJ Mag results. So, wouldn’t it just be swell if you woke up Christmas morning to snow, and Tiesto announcing his return to trance?

7. Dillon Francis’ Services

With enough cash, the possibilities are endless. Dillon Francis will do your taxes or sing you happy birthday under water. The cheapest option of having Dillon Francis tweet your best friend a personal message could also be an unforgettable and lol-filled gift to give. An EDMTunes staff member would like Dillon to come babysit his pug. Although this is not an option, let’s make a Christmas miracle happen.

8. A State of Trance Year Mix 2013

You can’t go wrong with giving or receiving this mix of trance glory from the Christmas baby himself, Armin van Buuren. You can celebrate Christmas and Armin’s birthday on the 25th with the top trance tracks of 2013.

9. The One Letter Kandi Kids Need The Most

If you’ve ever bought a pack of alphabet beads and made kandi, you know how quickly the letter “e” gets used, and wonder if the company does this on purpose to make you buy more bags. So, you’re left with all the “q’s” in the world and can’t even make a Q-Dance single without the “e”. A pack filled with the elusive letter “e” would be clutch for anyone’s kandi sweatshop.

10. Beamz

Beamz can be used for so many things! Like a fancy paper weight or a futuristic center piece for a dining room table. You can also learn physics and the laws of gravity by calculating how fast it would fall when dropped from a two story building. Give/get the gift of hands on education with this one.

In all seriousness, the holidays (whichever one you celebrate) is about spending time with the ones you love and exchanging the gift of great company (and music!). We would like to thank all of our readers for their gift of continued support throughout the years, and we are looking forward to a 2014 filled with great music and non-stop dancing. EDMTunes wishes you a warm holiday and a safe journey during your New Year’s Eve adventures! If you’re still looking to plan your evening to ring in 2014, check out our comprehensive Holiday and NYE Party Guide.