[SnowGlobe Showcase #3] The Path: SirensCeol

SirensCeol, better known as Stephen Burke to his friends and family, is an EDM figure that made an impressive impact on the scene in 2013. Known for his exceptional versatility and complex production work, he has released tracks ranging from dubstep to electro house to glitch hop and more. Some statistics to keep in mind…he is 20 years old, he has been producing since late 2012, he has already performed at EDC Las Vegas and he has released a whopping 56 tracks thus far. Ladies and gentleman, the man is a producing machine. However, when he’s not producing the most addictive tracks for you to dance to, he is very interactive and generous with his fans. Churning out an original or a remix nearly every single week of the year and releasing it as a free download, his loyal fans have plenty to be thankful for.

SirensCeol is not just an EDM producer, but an artist that many people admire. He is incredibly dedicated to his craft and has established a signature sound that will keep any person grooving on the dance floor. Many artists these days are going down the mainstream appeal path and selling out to make a quick buck. However, SirensCeol has consistently stayed true to his art and encourages other producers to do the same. Having surpassed 50K likes on Facebook and nearing 20K followers on Soundcloud, SirensCeol is well on his way to making an even greater explosion in 2014. Below you can listen to his recent glitch hop release, as well as download his compilation album for free and witness just how talented this 20 year old UC Berkeley student from California is.