An Inside Look at Bassnectar on his Recent Immersive Music Tour

Bassnectar has always been one to follow his own route when it comes to electronic music productions. This goes hand in hand with the fact that his shows offer the attendees experiences, both in sound and in visuals, that few others can offer. Recently, UKF had a chance to shoot a short documentary about Bassnectar’s current tour that take you behind the scenes, giving us a sneak peak at the immersive experience the artist has been offering while on tour. This includes a breakdown of the lighting rig used throughout his shows, his approach to making music that is “. . .intimate and vulnerable,” as well a handful of road bumps many artists encounter while on tour.

Watch the video below for an exclusive look at the state-of-the-art lighting, incredible video, and inspiring music that all make up who Bassnectar is.